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      wardrobe lighting solutions decorative glass EME LIGHTING Brand

      wardrobe lighting solutions decorative glass EME LIGHTING Brand

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      Company Advantages
      1. Moreover, we will cultivate our business little by little and perform each task step by step. Abiding by the management principle of 'Three-Good & One-Fairness (good quality, good credibility, good services, and reasonable price), we are looking forward to welcoming the new era with you.Use lights to enhance the art of the building itself
      2. Non-toxic, non-radioactive, flame-retardant, non-sticky, non-porous, anti-microbial, anti-mildew. EME LIGHTING believes the achievement of customer expectation will enhance the customer satisfication.
      3. wardrobe light have adopted wardrobe lighting solutions concept. It absorbed some ideas of excellence from wardrobe lighting solutions, and have eliminated weak point. It is not only a lamp, but a piece of artwork
      4. It is practically verified that led closet light fixtures exhibited features like wardrobe lighting solutions. Quality Custom Chandelier. Distinguished Enjoy
      5. wardrobe light which find wide applications in wardrobe lighting solutions area has the merit of wardrobe lighting solutions. Hand-crafted precision engraving detail can be seen
      Item No. AURA-L083-1 AURA-L083-2 AURA-L083-3 AURA-L083-4
      Size 500*30*15mm
      Light Source LED
      LED Chip EPILEDS
      Quantity of LED 14PCS 20PCS 30PCS 36PCS
      Wattage 1.4W 2W 3W 3.6W
      Output 100Lm 150Lm 220Lm 250Lm
      Voltage 12V
      Color Temp. 2700K-6000K
      IP Code 20

      Company Features
      1. EME LIGHTING has been committed to high-level quality and service for wardrobe light since the day of its establishment. - Inquire! EME LIGHTING Is Looking For Creditable led closet light fixtures, wardrobe lighting solutions, wardrobe lighting solutions Wholesale Agents All Over The World. Do Feel Free To Contact Us.
      2. EME LIGHTING CO., LTD. has possessed independent intellectual property rights in wardrobe light field.
      3. wardrobe lighting solutions are ideal for wardrobe lighting solutions and wardrobe lighting solutions. - EME LIGHTING is committed to wining wide market with its core competitiveness. Please contact.
      Product Message

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