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      custom concise wardrobe light led shade EME LIGHTING company

      custom concise wardrobe light led shade EME LIGHTING company

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      Company Advantages
      1. Products convey unique emotions of classical beauty. Presented products are enormously appreciated by EME LIGHTING customers for characteristics such as wardrobe lighting solutions and wardrobe lighting solutions.
      2. Use lights to enhance the art of the building itself. EME LIGHTING – a famous brand of wardrobe light,wardrobe lighting solutions, proudly designs and produces led closet light fixtures,wardrobe lighting solutions.
      3. Strong design attitude and a personality are added to our lighting products. EME LIGHTING introduced imported high-quality materials to making our products more of wardrobe lighting solutions.
      Item No. AURA-L083-1 AURA-L083-2 AURA-L083-3 AURA-L083-4
      Size 500*30*15mm
      Light Source LED
      LED Chip EPILEDS
      Quantity of LED 14PCS 20PCS 30PCS 36PCS
      Wattage 1.4W 2W 3W 3.6W
      Output 100Lm 150Lm 220Lm 250Lm
      Voltage 12V
      Color Temp. 2700K-6000K
      IP Code 20

      Company Features
      1. EME LIGHTING is quality-oriented and has gained wide market in wardrobe light field. - At present, EME LIGHTING CO., LTD. has advanced production lines and various testing equipment for led closet light fixtures.
      2. Over hundreds of skilled wardrobe light technicians provide customers with the most sophisticated products.
      3. EME LIGHTING has been always stressing the importance of led closet light fixtures . - Ensuring a harmonious environment between employees can provide the best wardrobe light. Ask online!
      Product Message

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