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      Crowne Plaza Jaipur Tonk Road, India


      Description: Ideally located in close proximity to the airport and in the business hub of Sitapura, Crowne Plaza Jaipur Tonk Road, provides excellent options to a business traveler.
      Interior Design:  Sketch HongKong Limited.
      Rooms:  218
      The lighting project of Crowne Plaza Jaipur Tonk Road was completed by EME in 2014.


      Position:  Ballroom
      Size:  L6800*W2880*H390
      Material:  Stainless steel structure with acrylic shade(alabaster effect) LED T5 light pipe


      Position:  Executive Lounge
      Size:  L1000*W1000*H400
      Material:  Metal structure with acrylic shade(alabaster effect)

      Position:  Guestroom
      Size:  D600*H500 (adjustable wire)
      Material:  Metal structure with fabric shade



      Position:  Guestroom
      Size:  D250*H1100
      Material:  Aluminum structure


      Position:  Guestroom
      Size:  D4000*H700
      Material:  Blue glaze body with fabric shade


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