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    1.  ABOUT EME


      EME Lighting (Zhongshan)Co.,Ltd, as a professional lighting enterprise, was founded in 2004 with 30 million registered capital and more than 300 employees. It is located in the famous light capital of China-Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City. 


      Bill Lee, the founder of EME, and his team have been engaged in lighting for more than 20 years. Nowadays, EME works as a supplier of high quality lighting products and professional consultant of lighting design to customers like hotels and real estate firms. He has already became the expertise in lighting production, design and innovation. The core value of EME is working diligently not only for good products, but also ourselves. EME has been devoting themselves to make art collections and make the dreams of customers and employee to become true. After 10-year efforts, EME had established its own industrial park and the first China green lighting education & demonstration base. In the past few years, EME provided the high quality products and professional services to the customers in over 120 countries all over the world. He also established an excellent enterprise sample in lighting field with his efforts. Now, EME has several brands like KOUCHI and AURA. KOUCHI focuses on the production of lighting, while AURA focuses on the lighting design.


      In the next 10 years, EME will keep on providing fabulous product and professional design, and perfecting the after-sale service as before. You are welcome to place orders on crystal chandelier, pendant light, table Lamp etc., more info? welcome to visit our website:http://www.lzxl.icu/.

      • Showroom
      • Factory
      • Meeting--room


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